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Extra Pages

This template includes many additional pages pre-formatted for your convenience -- all you have to do is copy them into your main website folder and add them to your navigation structure.

Here is a list of pages, their uses, and link to specific setup information (if required).

Page Purpose Setup Info Link
Blank Template Page A blank slate for you to work from.  
Blank Catalog Page A great page for displaying your products. Add features, pricing, and link to a product detail page in the 'product-details-page' folder of the demo-store to work with the PayPal online shopping cart. setup info
Blank Print Page Template Designed specifically for printing. This page includes the 'print button' script. The table width will fit perfectly onto any 8.5x11 page or larger. setup info
Blank Product Detail Page Each product on the catalog page can link to a product detail page.  
404 Page A basic 404 (page not found) page -- different web servers require you name it differently; check with your web host what to name this file (ie 404.htm, missing.htm) setup info
Feedback Similar to the contact page, but in short form. Give your visitors a method of sending their thoughts, comments or feedback. setup info
Ordering Offline Info When you can, you should provide more than one method for your customers to order your products. setup info
Privacy Policy We're all concerned about what happens with our personal information. Let your visitors know what you do with theirs using this generic template. setup info
Return Policies Page A good idea to provide information about if and how a customer can return a product. setup info
Search Hopefully your visitors will not come to rely upon the site map as the best source for navigating your site, but it is a good idea to include this page. setup info
Security Policy Page A bit more detail than the privacy page. If you collect credit card information over the net, you should let your visitors know what security measures you have in place. Check with your merchant service provider for details. setup info
Shipping Info Shipping policies, pricing etc.  
Sitemap Always a good idea to have a structured summary listing of the pages in your site -- for users and search engine spiders. setup info
Product Support Page A pre-designed form page for product support. Simple and straight forward. setup info