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Welcome to Creative Dreams


We will be listing some of the great features of your designing the gift item. Your imagination is the only limit to what you can do for that special person.

  • Custom Design by you
  • Use your imagination
  • Get Wild and Crazy
  • Reach out and surprise some one special
  • Your Imagination is the only thing stopping you

Years of Service - We have been working with people and assisting them to get that special item for a special person. We help with layout, suggestions and any other help we can assist with. We want your design to be the best thing your friend or family could ever receieve.

The steps to your gift success are as follows:

  • Have a person in mind
  • Decide what is important in their life
  • Gather information about the important thing in their life
  • Decide if photos or drawings are more suitable
  • If photos select a few you think would fit the schema of things
  • Insure the photos are of sufficient size to be used in the design selected for this project.
  • If drawings would work better decide on type of drawing, whether home made by a child or commercial grade.
  • Next you and our lead tech would speak whether by phone or in person get the ideas set to paper and then the tech would begin putting together the design for your approval.
  • Upon your approval the item will be produced using high quality products especially designed for this project.


Shirts Mugs Hats Mouse Pads
Key Fobs Posters Plaques Signs
License Plates License Frames Luggage tags Christmas Ornaments
Bracelets Calendars Clocks Clip Boards
Name badges Name plates    


If you go to the catalog you will see some ideas of items we can produce for your special gift or project.

We have more resources than what are represented in the catalog, if you don't see what you want just ask and we can advise you if it is available from us or not.



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Photo Events


Have an event you would like photos of contact us and we will see what we can do for you.


 Route 66 Fun Run Event

If you attended the Route 66 Fun Run in Kingman Arizona on May 4th and would like to obtain photo memories go to the following

Route 66  Fun Run Photo's